TeamUp x Health: Panel Discussion on “AI in Healthcare” – Summary and Key Insights

The recently held TeamUp x Health event brought together four startups that presented open positions in their teams. Following the pitches, a panel discussion on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare took place. The panelists included:


Mladen Fernežir, Co-founder of Velebit AI

Marko Poljak, CEO of Newton Technologies Adria

Dr. Tomislav Šmuc, Head of the Laboratory for Machine Learning and Knowledge Representations, Ruđer Bošković Institute

Tomislav Strgar, Head of AI at TIS Group

Moderator: Bernard Ivezić, Chief Editor of Startup Report, Jutarnji list magazine


The panel discussion was divided into three parts: 1. Application of AI in healthcare – theory vs. practice, 2. Technological trends in the application of AI in healthcare, and 3. Opportunities for science and business.

Panelisti (s lijeva prema desno): Bernard Ivezić (moderator), Mladen Fernežir, Marko Poljak, Tomislav Šmuc i Tomislav Strgar

Application of AI in healthcare – theory vs. practice

In the first part of the discussion, the panelists focused on the difference between theory and practice in the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. It was noted that while the perception of the importance of AI in healthcare is increasing, its current application is limited. Barriers such as algorithmic constraints, limited access to data, and regulatory challenges are slowing down progress. The issue of insufficiently quality datasets, emphasized by Dr. Tomislav Šmuc, was particularly highlighted.

Tomislav Šmuc i Tomislav Strgar - panel rasprava AI u zdravstvu


In addition to the challenges hindering the development of AI-based tools in healthcare, natural language processing (NLP) technologies were mentioned, playing a significant role in improving the quality of treatment and healthcare processes.


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For those who prefer watching, a video of the first part of the panel discussion is available here.

Technological trends in the application of AI in healthcare

The second part of the discussion emphasized the latest technological trends. Examples include large language models like Med-PaLM, providing precise medical responses, and image recognition technologies aiding in diagnostics and patient monitoring. The panelists highlighted the importance of user education about AI technologies to achieve responsible implementation.


The discussion also touched upon the significance of “image recognition” technologies that can be of great help in diagnosing conditions or diseases.


Marko Poljak provided examples of how AI can be used in various ways to provide more efficient medical care. Although the applications are diverse, examples were highlighted in training young doctors, where AI could help them diagnose patients more confidently.

Fernežir Velebit AI i Marko Poljak Newton Technologies Adria

Mladen Fernežir – co-founder, (lijevo) i Marko Poljak – CEO, Newton Technologies Adria (desno)

A particular emphasis in the second part of the panel discussion was placed on educating end-users about AI technologies so that they are familiar with the possibilities and limitations of artificial intelligence.


The full article on the second part of the panel discussion is available here.

Watch the video of the panel discussion here.

Opportunities for science or business


The third part explored opportunities for science and business in the field of AI application in healthcare. Panelists highlighted the importance of user education, research into quality data, and the need for innovation. Additionally, discussions revolved around ethical and legal challenges and the potential impact of AI on jobs.


The development of machine learning-based tools was particularly emphasized in the third part of the panel discussion. These tools have gained significant attention in recent months, thanks to OpenAI’s GPT models, opening up new perspectives and encouraging investments in new AI products. Many startups have decided to incorporate some component of artificial intelligence into their products, and investors have recognized the opportunity, significantly increasing investments in startups developing tools and services using artificial intelligence.


Read the full article on the third part of the panel discussion here.


Or watch the video, available here.

In conclusion, the discussion highlighted that the application of AI in healthcare has great potential to improve diagnoses, treatment, and patient care. However, challenges such as collecting quality data, user education, and ethical aspects need to be carefully addressed to ensure responsible and beneficial technology application in the healthcare sector.


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