10 Croatian female entrepreneurs have been admitted to the EWA program

Did you know that only 28% of women hold leadership positions in European agricultural and livestock farms? Additionally, women in rural areas continue to encounter significant challenges in entrepreneurship and business initiation compared to their male counterparts in rural regions. Despite policy initiatives aimed at bridging these gaps, recent studies reveal that female leadership and […]

Marketing strategies for entry into foreign markets

Do you already have a developed product and operate successfully in Croatia, and are you considering expanding to foreign markets? You’re probably wondering: When is the right time for internationalization? Which market to choose and why? How to approach a new market? What is the difference in approach between B2C and B2B? Entering foreign markets […]

From Idea to Market: Insights from Croatian entrepreneurs

Does everything start with an idea? The answer is unequivocally yes. However, the journey from idea to market isn’t without its challenges. It’s not just about bringing the idea to market; it’s about solving a problem that our (future) users have, and which we want to solve with our idea. he Pathway from problem to […]