Name: VetroChallenge

Client: Vetropack Straža d.d.

Category: Program, Corporations/SME, GreenTech, Corporate innovation

Social/Positive Impact: The VetroChallenge project, initiated by Vetropack Straža d.d., aims to spread knowledge about the importance of glass packaging and sustainable waste management among elementary school students aged 11-14. This project provides education on sustainability, recycling, and the concepts of circular economy while encouraging students to think about these issues.


VetroChallenge is an initiative launched by Vetropack Straža d.d. with the goal of educating elementary school students about the importance of sustainable waste management and the role of glass packaging in circular economy concepts. This project is specifically targeted at students aged 11-14, who are a crucial target group for raising awareness about sustainability.

During the project, students used various tools such as,, and Canva to create the project’s visual identity, Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations, and for knowledge assessment and interaction. Throughout the project, students developed various solutions and presentations related to sustainability and the circular economy.


The VetroChallenge project achieved the following results:

  • Students actively participated in the project and developed 6 different solutions and presentations.
  • Project participants, including 30+ students from 6 different schools, demonstrated a willingness to further develop their ideas and implement solutions in their local communities.
  • The VetroChallenge project successfully educated students about the importance of sustainability and recycling, motivating them to think and take action in promoting circular economy and environmental preservation.