Startup Factory Zagreb

Title: Startup Factory Zagreb

Client: ZICER – Zagrebački Inovacijski Centar, Zagreb, Croatia

Social/Positive Impact:

Applied Methodologies and Tools: Startup Drill Board

Introduction Description:

The Startup Factory Zagreb project was conceived as the first of eight modules within an accelerator program. Under this project, 18 teams, divided into five thematic areas (health and quality of life, energy and sustainable environment, transportation and mobility, security, food and bioeconomy), were tasked with defining problems and confirming assumptions about users and their problems.

With mentoring support, teams developed and conducted user experiments to validate their assumptions. The most successful teams were selected based on criteria such as progress through the program, application of validated learning, and the quality of their final pitch.


During the Startup Factory Zagreb project, 18 teams designed MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) and prepared pitches to present their progress in idea validation and the application of Lean startup principles. The project provided teams with practical experience in developing their startup ideas and prepared them for the subsequent phases of development.