Startup Drill Women Led

Title: Startup Drill Women Led

Client: Impact Hub Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Social/Positive Impact: Supporting 30 women entrepreneurs in testing their business ideas

Applied Methodologies and Tools: Startup Drill Board

Introduction Description:

In celebration of International Women’s Day, as part of the Aurora platform dedicated to supporting and nurturing women’s entrepreneurship, Impact Hub Zagreb organized the Startup Drill Women Led Edition. This initiative aimed to provide crucial support to women entrepreneurs in testing and validating their business ideas. Through this program, participants were empowered to explore the riskiest assumptions underlying their business models with the guidance of mentors and the proven Startup Drill methodology.

Throughout the program, participants learned how to develop attractive products tailored to their target audiences and how to execute their initial sales strategies. This project garnered the support and collaboration of significant institutions, including Raiffeisen Bank, the U.S. Embassy, and the Embassy of India.


The Startup Drill Women Led Edition significantly empowered women entrepreneurship by offering education and an opportunity for participants to test their business ideas in the early stages of development and consider their commercialization potential. With the invaluable support of mentors and the utilization of the Startup Drill Board, women entrepreneurs gained the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully lead their entrepreneurial endeavors.