StartIT Academy 2022 - Digital Dalmatia County

Name: StartIT Academy 2022 – Digital Dalmatia County

Category: Startup Innovations, Product Innovations, Innovation Agency

Client: Split-Dalmatia County

Social/Positive Impact: StartIT Academy 2022 – Digital Dalmatia County has a significant social and positive impact by providing support for the development of business ideas of early-stage startup teams. This project popularizes technological entrepreneurship and educates young entrepreneurs, helping them develop their ideas and bring them to the market.


The project was designed and implemented as a pre-incubation startup program with three generations of teams lasting for 6 weeks for the Split-Dalmatia County through their Digital Dalmatia project. The goal of the project was to popularize technological entrepreneurship and provide education to young entrepreneurs from the idea development phase to market placement. The program was hybrid, combining onsite and online activities, and consisted of four main parts: StartIT Kick Off, StartIT Camp, StartIT Training, and StartIT Demo Day.


StartIT Academy 2022 – Digital Dalmatia County has achieved the following results:

  • Designed and implemented a startup pre-incubator program for early-stage startup teams, using a hybrid approach with onsite and online activities.
  • Over three years of project implementation, more than 35 startup teams have been educated.
  • More than 20% of startups have generated their first revenues, indicating successful launch of their business ideas.

The StartIT Academy 2022 – Digital Dalmatia County project plays a key role in supporting young entrepreneurs in the early stages and promoting technological entrepreneurship in the Split-Dalmatia County.