Spark Bootcamp Program

Title: Spark Bootcamp Program

Client: Spark Business Park, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Social/Positive Impact: Educated and mentored more than 20 young startup founders

Applied Methodologies and Tools: Startup Drill Board

Introduction Description:

In the dynamic startup ecosystem of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spark Business Park has ignited a game-changing initiative – the Spark Bootcamp Program. This innovative program was designed to empower and educate the next generation of startup entrepreneurs. It addressed the growing need for nurturing and preparing startup teams for their pivotal pitch presentations to potential investors and mentors.

The selection process for this program was rigorous, emphasizing the importance of a sustainable business model and its validation. To achieve this, Smion, the brains behind the program, meticulously crafted a comprehensive two-day educational curriculum. This curriculum aimed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills in critical areas such as user development, Lean startup methodology, and business model development.

During the bootcamp, participating teams had a unique opportunity to engage directly with their target customers, challenge their assumptions, and craft their Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Each team was required to conduct a minimum of two experiments to test their hypotheses and refine their approach, all with the ultimate goal of creating a sustainable and scalable business model.

Throughout the program’s duration, the progress and success of each team were closely monitored and evaluated. This evaluation process determined which teams would proceed to the next phase of their startup journey, earning them a coveted spot in the prestigious Spark Business Park accelerator program.


The Spark Bootcamp Program attracted seven promising startup teams, each brimming with innovative ideas and boundless energy. Following the program’s intensive training and mentorship, four exceptional teams were selected to enter Spark Business Park’s accelerator program, marking a significant milestone in their entrepreneurial journeys.