Pioneers into Practice

Title: Pioneers into Practice

Client: Regional Energy Agency of Northwest Croatia (REGEA)

Social/Positive Impact: The project had a positive impact on supporting innovation development and finding solutions for climate change.

Applied Methodologies and Tools: Ideation sprint

Introduction Description:

Pioneers into Practice is a program focused on addressing climate change issues, which has been implemented for eleven consecutive years throughout Europe and in Croatia since 2019. The program aims to expand participants’ knowledge of climate change mitigation and adaptation. As part of this program, Smion designed and conducted two workshops for REGEA. Through these workshops, participants were introduced to the startup ecosystem and the potential role of startups in addressing climate change issues.


The Pioneers into Practice program resulted in the following achievements:

  • 2 interactive workshops were conducted.
  • 15 participants actively engaged in combating climate change were involved.
  • The project helped raise awareness and knowledge about the importance of climate change mitigation and adaptation and encouraged participants to think about innovative solutions in this context.