Lean Startup Drill - Lean Startup Educational Program

Title: Lean Startup Drill – Lean Startup Educational Program

Client: Reversing Labs

Social/Positive Impact: The project has a positive societal impact by promoting the professional development of employees through the acquisition of new skills and tools to enhance their effectiveness and address challenges.

Applied Methodologies and Tools: Startup Drill Board

Introduction Description:

A company specializing in cybersecurity, experiencing rapid growth, made the strategic decision to educate its employees on more efficient ways to create new products and product functionalities. A two-month educational program was developed based on Lean Startup, customer development, and design thinking principles. This program enabled teams to work on solving internal challenges.

The program encompassed components such as defining problem tasks along with assumptions and early users, designing and conducting user experiments, creating MVPs, and establishing metrics.


Through this program, awareness and learning of Lean Startup methods among employees were elevated. After completing the program, teams pitched their ideas to the company’s senior management, contributing to the enhancement of their skills and abilities for more effective innovation.