Title: Catalyst

Client: Start Center Bosnia and Herzegovina

Social/Positive Impact: The project supported the development of technological and smart solutions and facilitated market entry.

Applied Methodologies and Tools: Business Model Canvas


Catalyst is an intensive 11-week startup program designed for teams from the Western Balkans with early-stage technological ideas. During this period, teams went through the process of creating a business model, market research, interviewing, experimenting, idea validation, and technical development of MVP. The Smion team opened the program with two workshops on lean startup principles, user development, design, and business model innovation. Following that, they provided individual mentoring to each team to assist them in preparing assumptions at the beginning of the user development process.

Results/Achievements: The Catalyst project achieved the following results:

  • 10 teams were selected to participate in the program.
  • 2 workshops were conducted on lean startup principles and user development.
  • Teams defined their business models ready for testing.

Through this program, the development of technological innovations was supported, encouraging teams to enter the market, contributing to innovation in the Western Balkans region.