GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge

Name: GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge

Category: Startup Education, Innovation Competition, Sustainable Innovations

Client: Erasmus+

Social/Positive Impact: The GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge has a significant social and positive impact by promoting innovations in the field of green technologies among students in technical high schools. This project encourages students to develop sustainable innovations and entrepreneurial thinking.

GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge - Smion


The GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge is a competition aimed at high school students in the higher grades of technical high schools with the goal of fostering their creativity and entrepreneurial skills. Organised by Smion, The project was implemented in Croatian and Macedonian high schools and was co-financed with funds from the European Union’s Erasmus+ program. Students participated in the competition where they worked on the development of innovations in the field of green technology.


The GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge has achieved the following results:

  • Participation of 100 students from 5 technical high schools in Croatia.
  • Conducting 25 workshops that prepared students for the competition.
  • Holding 5 school competitions where students presented their innovations.
  • Partnership with 5 companies from the industry that support the development of green technologies and participate in the project.

The GreenTech Entrepreneurship Challenge promotes innovation and the development of entrepreneurial skills among students in technical high schools, contributing to the advancement of green technologies.

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Greentech Entrepreneurship Challenge by Smion