Burch Start Me Up High School

Title: Burch Start Me Up High School

Client: International Burch University

Social/Positive Impact: The Burch Start Me Up High School program aims to promote an entrepreneurial spirit among high school students.

Applied Methodologies and Tools: Program leadership and organization, Startup Drill


Burch Start Me Up High School is a pre-incubation program designed for high school students to familiarize them with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship through a series of workshops and practical activities. The program consists of three interconnected modules, and participants learn how to generate ideas, form quality teams, develop the concept of an idea, and create functional prototypes. All program activities are gamified, meaning participants play the role of players within a virtual platform, where they solve challenges to earn points. The top teams are rewarded with support for developing a prototype of a product or service within the Burch Startup Incubator, along with additional cash prizes.


Through the implementation of the Burch Start Me Up High School project, the following results were achieved:


  • Organized and moderated 3 meetups.
  • Developed 3 educational modules.
  • In total, 108 ambitious high school students were involved.
  • Formed 17 teams that presented innovative ideas.
  • 7 teams advanced to the competition finals.
  • Implemented a gamified approach to the competition.
  • The top 3 teams were rewarded with cash prizes and further support for developing their ideas.

This program had a significant impact on high school students, providing them with valuable experience in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, encouraging them to develop their skills and creativity.