Bond Mentoring Networks

Name: Bond Mentoring Networks


Social/Positive Impact: The Bond Mentoring Networks project aims to increase the level of entrepreneurial activities in Croatia by creating a more favorable entrepreneurial environment in all regions of the Republic of Croatia. Through this initiative, entrepreneurs are provided access to professional, advisory, and expert services in all stages of business development and across all aspects of business, reducing asymmetry in access to business knowledge and skills, partners, services, and information. This positively impacts the balanced economic development of all regions of the Republic of Croatia.


Mentoring networks within the Bond project provide professional mentoring services to entrepreneurs throughout all stages of their company’s development. This initiative aims to reduce asymmetry in access to key business resources and support entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals. Each mentoring network is designed to provide necessary resources and knowledge to entrepreneurs in line with the phase of their business development, their specific industry, and their unique needs. The project focuses on creating a more favorable business environment nationwide, encouraging entrepreneurs and providing them with support through mentoring relationships.


During the implementation of the Bond Mentoring Networks project, the following results were achieved:

  • The concept of organizing mentoring networks and regulations defining their operation were developed.
  • Areas and categorization of mentors were defined, along with criteria and methods for selecting mentors.
  • Processes for connecting mentors with entrepreneurs according to their needs and the phase of business development were developed.
  • Training was conducted for 100 representatives of entrepreneurial support institutions to enable them to understand and participate in the mentoring process.

The Bond Mentoring Networks project plays a crucial role in fostering the entrepreneurial spirit, promoting entrepreneurship, and creating a favorable business environment in Croatia.