Fostering GreenTech Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Explore our portfolio of GreenTech programs that foster and accelerate the development of innovative solutions for a greener and more sustainable world. Discover how we provide organisations and startups with expert guidance, mentorship, access to investors, and industry knowledge to drive environmental change and shape a better future for all.

Burning Challenges

Driving tech innovation and business growth focused on reducing emissions, vital for a sustainable and prosperous future.
Addressing Climate Change
Green Manufacturing focuses on eco-friendly production methods, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable industrial practices.
Green Manufacturing
Advancing recycling technologies and methods to reduce landfill waste, crucial for a sustainable and circular economy.
Waste Management and Recycling

Impactful Projects

Explore some of our impactful projects that have made a significant contribution to the GreenTech landscape.

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Nurturing Startups for Sustainable Innovation

At Smion, we are committed to nurturing startups in their pursuit of sustainable innovation. Our mission is to provide support and guidance to entrepreneurs who are leading positive change through their groundbreaking solutions. Join us in shaping a more sustainable and prosperous future.