Event 10×10: Grand Celebration of the Milestone Birthday featuring the Introduction of Smion

Lean Startup Croatia bids farewell to its decade-long journey!

This significant transition had to be marked and bid farewell, so we organized our final meetup. At the 10×10 event, surrounded by close friends, collaborators, and partners, we reminisced about the work, learning, growth, and the transformation of the startup and entrepreneurial community and ecosystem. Over the past 10 years, we have organized more than 230 educational sessions and workshops, 67 innovation projects, and over 50 events that have left a lasting impact on numerous startups.

From its inception, Lean Startup Croatia played a vital role in transforming the entire entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem by organizing the first events, workshops, and lectures. We connected the community of new generations of entrepreneurs, providing support for the realization of ideas and innovations not only in the majority of Croatian counties but also actively across the region and even globally. We take pride in the innovative projects that have had a positive impact on the domestic startup ecosystem, as well as those in Southeast Asia, workshops in America, and numerous startup events and workshops throughout Europe.

After all the ups and downs and successes, the perfect time has come for Lean Startup Croatia to deservedly enter history. Therefore, at the event, our Filip and Miro bid farewell to Lean Startup Croatia and introduced Smion! The same team of experts who, under the name Smion, will continue to boldly and persistently transform the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem and pursue new goals, yet with the same determination.

As a Smion team, we continue to envision a future where every individual has the tools and support for innovation and solving complex problems. This was the inspiration for the new name of this innovation agency, as courage and bravery are qualities associated with the startup and entrepreneurial world. We believe in changing the world for the better, primarily influenced by open, innovative, and ambitious minds that we want to support.

On this occasion, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who celebrated this significant milestone with us and embraced our major change. A heartfelt thank you because you have made a significant contribution, not only to the development of Smion but also to the entire startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We look forward to new innovation and startup programs, projects, and events that will continue to provide support for curious, persistent, intellectual, agile, and daring startups and entrepreneurs.

Check out the extensive photo gallery from our celebration!

Dare to innovate!