We combine technology development and expertise! EIT Food Test Farms offer you the opportunity to test agritech products and services in a real-world environment.

Test and validate your solution in the agro sector! The opportunities provided by TestFarms include testing and validating products and services, presenting them to potential clients and investors, access to innovations and technologies for farmers through EIT Food, promoting sustainable solutions in agriculture, and more.

The innovation being presented should offer a solution in at least one of the following aspects: sustainability through input reduction, precision agriculture, digital traceability, and monitoring of carbon dioxide emissions.

The program is open to startups and innovators who, through the process, gain access to agricultural test sites in Poland, Spain, or Portugal, as well as valuable feedback from farmers, agronomists, and industry experts.

We invite incorporated startups, teams, and individuals with innovative solutions in agriculture that can be tested in practice, with crops or in livestock farming.

The program provides financial support for costs associated with participation.

Apply by April 30, 2024, and for more information, as well as the application itself, visit the link.