EIT Food TeamUp

EIT Food TeamUp

We combine technology development and expertise!

In Southern and Eastern Europe, there is a significant disparity between the number of innovative technologies developed in agricultural sectors at universities and research centers and the number of such technologies that ultimately reach the market.

TeamUp offers solutions by bringing together technological and business experts and providing equity-free partnerships for startups.

We invite all those who possess technology that can transform the agricultural sector; those who have impactful solutions; who want to bring innovative changes but face difficulties in bringing their products to market; those who are passionate about entrepreneurship, and those who want to find the ideal co-founder for the development of their startup.

Who should apply?

  • Technological co-founders (e.g., researchers)
  • Business co-founders (with entrepreneurial experience)

Through the program, you will receive expert leadership, training and mentorship, financial support for participation, as well as the opportunity to win up to €40,000 in further funding for the development of your startup.

Whether you come from a technological or business background, apply by April 30, 2024, and for more information and applications, visit the link.