5 Ways to Foster an Entrepreneurial Mindset


You must have heard of the “entrepreneurial mindset” but what does it truly mean, and how can you develop it? Imagine having the ability to see the world through special glasses – ones that allow you to see opportunities where others see obstacles. That’s the essence of entrepreneurial thinking! And no, it’s not just for […]

Social Games in Education as a Stimulus for Student Creativity and Engagement

School days are usually remembered for heavy backpacks and traditional ex cathedra lectures. While learning should be a lifelong game that enables dynamic societal development, formal education rarely incorporates an entertaining segment that would further encourage student engagement and creativity.   This challenge and the entrepreneurial idea addressing it were highlighted by Ivan Cerovac and […]

Playroom as part of Startup Opatija 2023: It Was Worth “Playing” with Ideas from the Business Sector

Last week marked the successful conclusion of the “Startup Opatija 2023” program organized by the entrepreneurial incubator HUBBAZIA – Center for Innovations in Tourism. The program saw the completion of six innovative teams, including Playroom, who presented their progress and development at the Internal Demo Day.   Smion proudly participated in this project, providing participants […]

Demo Day of the GSiHI Program Held with an Engaging Panel and Quality Pitches

A significant event, the Demo Day marking the conclusion of the Get Started In Health Innovation program, took place on Friday, December 1. The event featured quality pitches, an engaging panel, and, of course, networking.   Demo Day brought together all interested participants in the health startup ecosystem, startups, investors, and visitors eager to learn […]