Event 10×10: Grand Celebration of the Milestone Birthday featuring the Introduction of Smion

Lean Startup Croatia bids farewell to its decade-long journey! This significant transition had to be marked and bid farewell, so we organized our final meetup. At the 10×10 event, surrounded by close friends, collaborators, and partners, we reminisced about the work, learning, growth, and the transformation of the startup and entrepreneurial community and ecosystem. Over […]

Exploring health innovations in the UK: A study journey

The world of health technology is rapidly evolving, and for those aiming to stay at the forefront, there is a continuous thirst for knowledge, networking, and inspiration. Aligned with our mission in the “Get Started In Health Innovation” program, we embarked on a three-day study journey to the UK, a hub of innovation in health […]

TeamUp x Health: Panel Discussion on “AI in Healthcare” – Summary and Key Insights

The recently held TeamUp x Health event brought together four startups that presented open positions in their teams. Following the pitches, a panel discussion on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare took place. The panelists included:   Mladen Fernežir, Co-founder of Velebit AI Marko Poljak, CEO of Newton Technologies Adria Dr. Tomislav Šmuc, […]

Summary of the Panel Discussion “AI in Healthcare”: Theory vs. Practice – Part 1

After the successful TeamUp x Health event, we want to remind you of the key knowledge and information that emerged from the panel discussion on “AI in Healthcare.” The panel featured Mladen Fernežir, Marko Poljak, Dr. Tomislav Šmuc, and Tomislav Strgar. The panelists provided valuable insights into the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare and […]

Most successful startups advance to the second phase of the Get Started in Health Innovation programGet Started in Health Innovation

The Get Started in Health Innovation program has concluded its first phase with an Internal Demo Day featuring the participation of 10 teams. Teams showcased their progress through pitches before a jury and coaches, focusing on the validation of problems and solutions. The expert jury, comprised of professionals and healthcare specialists, selected 7 teams based […]

Avanture malih okica – a portal that knows where to go with kids in Croatia

In collaboration with Lean Startup Croatia, the city of Kastav has initiated the pre-acceleration program KASPI2023 this year. This intensive program aims to support startups by assisting young entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas. The expected outcomes of this program include increased knowledge and capacities of local startups, supported development of services and products by local […]

Hartera Robotics: Revolution in vessel maintenance automation

In the era of rapid technological development and growing demand for innovative solutions, there is exceptional potential for the development of startups that will transform various industries. That’s why, in collaboration with Lean Startup Croatia, the city of Kastav has launched the pre-acceleration program KASPI2023, aiming to support young entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas. Within […]

Can science become entrepreneurial – Get Started in Health Innovation

A new era in healthcare is upon us. Revolutionary research and modern technologies are ready to reshape treatment outcomes and experiences. More importantly, they can help prevent or alleviate symptoms and the onset of diseases. Although you can already imagine the technologies I’m referring to, let’s list them: Artificial Intelligence (AI) – enhances diagnostics, personalized […]