Accelerating Startups with AgriFoodTech Solutions

Discover our AgriFoodTech programs that accelerate startups by providing them with expert guidance, mentorship, access to investors, and industry knowledge. Explore how we support startups and organizations in revolutionizing food production, driving sustainability, and shaping the future of our food system.

Key Challenges in AgriFoodTech

Labour and raw material shortage
Enhancing Crop Productivity and Efficiency
Ensuring Food Safety and Quality
Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management

Impactful Projects

Explore some of our impactful projects that have supported different stakeholders in the AgriFoodTech industry. From incubation programs, mentoring and innovation challenge, these projects are driving sustainable practices and shaping the future of AgriffodTech.

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Supporting Startups for AgriFood Innovation

At Smion, we are dedicated to supporting and nurturing startups in the Agrifood sector, enabling them to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable and resilient food system. Join us in driving positive change and shaping a future where everyone has access to safe, nutritious, and environmentally friendly food.